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About Blue Sky Stock Footage

A cinematographer-owned boutique, Blue Sky Stock Footage understands and caters to the needs of production professionals. We offer exclusive high-definition stock footage and custom shoots to exacting broadcast standards. Blue Sky Stock Footage has amassed an extensive stock footage digital film library that continues to expand within the current broadcast standards of 4K.

Since 1993, Blue Sky Stock Footage has provided custom and stock shots to commercials, feature films, music videos and other video projects. Blue Sky Footage has extensive experience working with productions, well versed in the film industry world, providing production services, working as a union crew member and independent shooter. Blue Sky Stock Footage continues to grow an impressive credit list of all happy customers, known in the industry over the years to always go the extra mile to provide current industry broadcast high quality stock footage off the shelf and custom film shoots.

Founded by Academy Award winning cinematographer Billie Mitchell, Blue Sky Stock Footage follow the latest film industry trends, and offers:

  • ONLINE FOOTAGE SEARCH AND CUSTOM FOOTAGE RESEARCH - Extensive pre-defined "Footage Categories" list of categories such as "Driving POVs", "Landscapes Day to Nigh", "City Skylines", "Fire", "Tunnels", "Forest" and "Footage Search", enter keywords such as: "Washington DC driving plates", "puffy cloud time-lapse skies", "red sunset mountains", "solar eclipse", "moonrise Los Angeles", "night canyonlands", "forest driving plates", "river bubbles, "bike pov" to find Blue Sky Stock Footage clips that match what you are looking for to play clips online.
  • DOWNLOAD COMPS OF FOOTAGE - Comp "low rez" clips of every Blue Sky Stock Footage clip in the library to download to test and evaluate if the content matches what you need for your project. If your production requires a full resolution clip to evaluate the footage, let us know, we understand this maybe required to fully evaluate the footage, so just let us know to discuss and upon agreement, we can make this happen quickly.
  • RESEARCH SERVICES - Custom research to find the footage you are seeking for you. Let us know what type of footage you are needing and we will send you a clip bin you can view preview clips, download comps, along with organize, delete, move, and share clip bin with others on your production team. Call, email, complete a "Research Request", and we are happy to do the research within Blue Sky Stock Footage library for you.
  • DOWNLOADABLE MASTER CLIPS - Once footage is licensed, the master footage is available for immediate download.
  • CUSTOM PRODUCTION SERVICES - Highly personalized custom production services. Our highly experienced production personnel will work with your production, and if required obtain insurance, film location permits, and set up the multitude of other logistics to pull of a successful high quality shoot. Seasoned cinematographer to work with your production to ensure shooting of footage matches your production specifications. Well organized master clips in highest quality video formats per your production editing requirements.
  • DRIVING ARRAY PLATES AND OTHER SPECIALITIES - "Driving Array Plates" with nine (9) or more camera angles, motion control, dolly track, time-lapse, real-time, multiple day, year-long shots, using the full array of techniques and styles, shooting landscapes, cityscapes, natural phenomena, including live action scenes with actors. Excellent lighting and sound equipment to shoot interviews for broadcast. Experimental footage including video kaleidoscopes, underwater bubbles, walking povs for creative projects. Our cinematography specialities are vast, so let us know what you are looking for, and we will promptly get back to you if we have the skills to provide that service to you.

    Blue Sky Stock Footage staff members are here to assist you Monday through Friday, and regularly check email and voicemail for when requests come in after hours. We work with many international clients, so understand the needs of providing services during business hours in other time zones.


    Our production staff have extensive experience working with productions and have excellent communication skills, well respected for quickly and effectively respond to production professionals, providing personalized service required to meet the often demanding and quick turnaround required for the fast pace demanding production schedules.

    Cinematographer Billie Mitchell is an expert cinematographer, who is constantly innovating and upgrading his camera gear to meet the highest quality industry standards. For over a decade now, he has been shooting driving array footage, and has built an impressive production vehicle and camera array rig that can be transported across the globe or placed on other production vehicles. Billie has had a passion for filming all his life, a joy to work with on production, and always works very hard and intelligently to meet client's needs. He is a long-term member of Society of Camera Operators "SOC" and IATSE Local 600, and is available to work on Union and non-Union crews. Billie enjoys traveling the world, shooting fresh stock footage and filming what he calls "unique blends of light, space and time". Billie also thrives as a video projectionist artist, using his footage to create custom content for live visual productions and enjoys working with musicians, dancers and other Artists to mix his visuals as a VJ.

    Billie Mitchell (View Profile)