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Blue Sky Stock Footage Help and Instructions

Finding Footage

Find Footage - Quick Search

Quick Search box at the top of any web page is a way you can quickly enter keyword(s) and click Footage Search button to see clip thumbnail results page(s).

To find clips using Quick Search:

  1. Enter keyword(s) into the search box and click the Footage Search button.
  2. Use Filter the Results feature to narrow your clip thumbnail results page(s) by choosing your aspect ratio, shot speed, and length of shot parameters.

Find Footage - Advanced Search

Advanced Search has more options to immediately narrow your search for specific clips.

To find footage clips using Advanced Search:

  1. At the top page, click Advanced Search button.
  2. The Advanced search page appears.
  3. In Clip Number(s) field, enter specific Blue Sky Footage stock footage clip number(s); when multiple, enter clip numbers separated with a space; click Search button to see results.
  4. In the Keyword field, type the keyword(s) to describe the stock footage you are searching.
  5. Check available parameters to narrow your results by aspect ratio, shot speed, and length of shot.
  6. Click Search button to see page(s) of clip thumbnail(s) of results to browse, to hover over to play small clips are click on clip to open detail of clip to play large clip.

Filter the Clips - Narrow Clip Results

After any clip search, the Filter the Clips box appears on the lefthand side of thumbnail clips results page. Filter The Results tool shows the type and number of clips that exist in the current search results set. For example, if you had just searched on "mountains", you will see that some of the clips in the results include Aspect Ratio "HD 4K 10bit LOG 3840x2160 (# of results)" AND "HD 16:9 1920X1080 (# of results)", AND all the other video formats Blue Sky Footage library has.

In order to narrow to the aspect ration you need, click on a specific video format, e.g., "HD 4K 10bit LOG 3840x2160", and the system will narrow the search to only footage with "mountains" AND "HD 4K 10bit LOG 3840x2160".

You may user multiple filters and up top in the grey bar use the bread crumbs to go backwards to fish about to accurately sort your results.

Using Clip Bins for Collaboration with Others

Collecting Clips

Blue Sky Footage allow you to quickly collect clips you are interested in by copying them into a Clip Bin for future reference.

Once you add the clips that you want, feel welcome to click on Email Clip Bin. Scroll to Clip Bin you wish to email and enter name of the recipient, their email and enter your message to them if you desire.

The recipient can then create their own login and further update a copy of the Clip Bin under their account. The Clip Bins you share are not connected so recipient would need to share Clip Bin back for you to see their clip choices and comments for further collaboration.

Clip Bin users can access any of their Clip Bins by clicking on View Clip Bins top button and have the ability to add comments to any of the clips in a Clip Bin, add, remove, and move clips from a Clip Bin to make final choices on clips they want for their productions.

Your Clip Bins are an excellent tool for collaboration amongst users.

Playing Clips Online and Downloading Watermarked Previews to Test for Project

Previewing Clips Online

On Clip Detail pages you can view the 640x360 MP4 movie file of clips online.

You can also download a full length comp version of a clip to use temporarily to evaluate the content of the clip, while you're developing a project. Feel free to contact us to provide a full resolution master version of the clip for testing. We understand productions need the full resolution video format to fully evaluate if the stock footage clip works in your production.

To share a clip via email, simply copy a clip detail url page and open up your mail client to email the recipient.

Blue Sky Stock Footage Related Clips

View Related Clips

On Clip Details page you will see Related Clips partial result of thumbnails; these are clips are associated and considered by our stock footage researchers to be of the similar genre.

When you click on Related Clips link it will bring you to the thumbnail clips results page(s) to see all the related clips.

Digitized Footage

Master Clips

Blue Sky Footage footage clips are now available in HD 4K 3840x2160 uncompressed 10-bit Vlog which provides highest quality for creatives to use for compelling visual experiences for their audiences. At Blue Sky Footage we initially capture our footage using the highest-quality cameras and lenses. We then digitize footage into the highest quality video format on the market. We film our footage on Netflix approved cameras to meet image capture standards required by Netflix. We use Netflix standards in order to provide the best and most appropriate capture technology established by industry technologists who make ongoing evaluations to ensure they meet image capture benchmarks for dynamic range, color accuracy, detail rendition, signal to noise ratio, resolution, and key workflow requirements for broadcast productions. At Blue Sky Footage, we prioritize testing and evaluating our camera equipment, and are always upgrading and modifying to stay on top of video technology to continue to be a leading player in providing high-end quality stock footage to the world.

Licensing and Downloading Your Master Clips

Contact Us Directly to Provide Licensing Cost

Please feel free to contact us about the clip(s) you are interested in licensing. To contact us, call, email, complete a quote request on a clip detail page, or email us your Clip Bin. Provide your name and contact information for us to contact you directly.

We will respond back quickly, and ask you to provide details about your productions needs in order to quote you an accurate licensing cost. Once footage is licensed for your use, we will quickly send you the download link for the master footage.

We accept all major forms of credit card and PayPal, check and for approved clients purchase orders.